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List of currently available kits, conversions and accessories

Vacuum moulded kitsets:

Product codeScaleSubject
45821/32Fokker DVIII
45841/48Supermarine Attacker (with metal parts and decals)
45851/48Supermarine Swift (with metal parts and decals)
45861/48Supermarine Seafang/Spiteful (with metal parts and decals)
45871/48Supermarine Spitfire FR XVIII (with metal parts and decals)
45881/48Martin Baker MB5
45891/48Hawker Sea Hawk (with metal parts and decals)
45901/48Bristol Beaufighter Mk II (with metal parts)
46041/72Martin Baker MB5
46021/72Mistel 2 Long nose conversion
45971/72Triple Conversion I: Two-seat - Corsair II / F-100F / RF-8G
45981/72Triple Conversion II: F2H-3 / Grumman Trader / EP-3E Orion
45991/72Triple Conversion III: Two-seat - F-106B / Mirage / Cougar
46001/72Triple Conversion IV: Tracer / F9F-8P Cougar / AP-2H
46011/72Triple Conversion V: F4H-1 canopy/nose / HC-130P / A-10B
45911/48Triple Conversion VI: F-106B / F4H-1 / F-105B
46031/72Triple Conversion VII: P2V-5 Neptune / TBM-3W Avenger / TF-86
45921/48Triple Conversion VIII: Spitfire XII / XVI / PRXI (with metal parts)
46051/72Triple Conversion IX: Grumman C-2 Greyhound / AD-5W / FJ-3 Fury
45931/48Triple Conversion X: Two seat - Bf 109G-12 / Bf 109G-14 / Fw 190S-8
46101/48Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

Metal Accessory Sets:

Product codeScaleSubject
46081/72DB601A engine and engine bearers (pewter)
46091/72DB605A engine and engine bearers (pewter)
 1/48Martin Baker Mk 3 ejector seat (2 pieces)
46071/72Special Detail Set No.1: Messerschmitt Bf 109E: metal - DB601 engine, machine guns, undercarriage, cockpit floor, instrument panel. vac-formed - cowling covers, wing slats, canopies.
46061/48RAF rockets and rails, WWII

Limited-Run Injection-Moulded Kitsets:

Product codeScaleSubject
45951/48Reggiane Re2005 (ANR / Luftwaffe)
45961/48Messerschmitt Bf 109G-12 (Mid-range version)

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