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Clear-Vax set 1: US Navy, World War II (1/72 scale)

1. Grumman TBF/M Avenger. Suggested kit: Airfix TBM.

Points to note on the drawing are the hinged centre section and rear bulkhead. This canopy can be used with the Frog kitset with some trimming needed around the windscreen base. To fit the turret canopy, cut the base off Airfix part number 15, 5 mm from the bottom, and fit the Clear-Vax piece to the base. Use the kit lower gun turret transparency and side windows.
Suggested reference: Aero Series vol.21.
2. Grumman F4F Wildcat. Suggested kit: Frog F4F-3.

The drawing shows an F4F canopy fully open. Note that a small piece will need to be added to the rear of the sliding part. The moulding process prevented this area being represented faithfully. The Airfix and Revell kits can also be used, but the spine of the Revell kit will need thinning down for better accuracy.
3. Grumman J2F Duck. Suggested kit: Airfix J2F-6.

The side view shows the rear canopies in stowed position. The wing struts and rigging have been omitted for clarity. Use the kit side windows.
Suggested reference: AirEnthusiast No.23.
4. Grumman F8F Bearcat. Suggested kit: Monogram F8F-1.

The drawing shows the canopy open. Note that some early Bearcats lacked the rear bracing frame of the Monogram kit canopy.
5. Curtiss SBC Helldiver. Suggested kits: Matchbox or Heller SBC.

The side view shows the sliding parts opened and "turtleback" down. The struts and rigging are omitted for clarity. The Clear-Vax parts will fit both the Heller and Matchbox kits but some modification will be needed where the windscreen fits.
Suggested reference: Scale Models, Jan. 1982.
6. Curtiss SOC Seagull. Suggested kit: Hasegawa SOC.

The view shows the rear canopies in stowed position and "turtleback" down. The wing struts and rigging are omitted for clarity. The parts are suited to both the wheeled and floatplane versions from Hasegawa.
Suggested references: Profile 194.
7. Curtiss SB2C Helldiver. Suggested kit: Airfix SB2C-4/5.

The drawing shows a SB2C-3 cockpit area with "turtleback" down and rear machine guns deployed. The canopy set includes the clear section behind the pilot's canopy for the -3 version. The kit will need modifying to fit this piece. Use the kit part for the rearmost clear section. Note that what appears to be a frameline at the front of the windscreen is the internally mounted armourglass panel. The framelines have been deliberately omitted from the pilot's canopy to offer the choice of modelling the -5 version.
Suggested references: Squadron Signal In Action No.54.
8. Douglas TBD Devastator. Suggested kit: Airfix TBD-1.

The side view shows the canopy in the fully open position.
Suggested reference: Aero Series No.23.
9. Douglas SBD Dauntless. Suggested kit: Airfix SBD-3/5.

The side view shows and SBD-5 cockpit with gunner's canopy in stowed position and twin .30 calibre machine guns deployed.
Suggested reference: Squadron Signal In Action No.64.
10. Vought OS2U Kingfisher. Suggested kit: Airfix OS2U-1/3.

The side view shows the pilot's canopy open and rear canopy stowed.
Suggested reference: Profile 251.
11. & 12. Vought F4U-1 & F4U-1A/D. Suggested kits: Hasegawa F4U-1 and F4U-1D.

The side views show the canopies in the open position. Note that the front of the sliding sections do not sit parallel with the rear of the windscreens. Note also that the F4U-1A sliding canopy had a frameline running across the top as shown. The F4U-1D did not.
Suggested reference: Squadron Signal - F4U Corsair In Color.

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