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Clear-Vax set 2: RAF Fighters, World War II (1/72 scale)

1. Spitfire Mks I/II. Suggested kit: Airfix MK I.

The drawing shows the canopy slid back and entry door open.
2. Spitfire Mk.V. Suggested kit: Airfix Mk.V.

This canopy is split into three sections and is best fitted in the open position.
3. Spitfire PR Mk.IV. Suggested kit: Airfix Mk.I or V.

Some modifications to the kit will be needed to build this version, including the deeper chin fairing, camera installation and removal of all guns.
4. Spitfire Mks V (late) /VI/VII/VIII/IX/XII/XIV/21.

Two canopies are provided for this, the main production Spitfire canopy. Most kits will need filling at the lower windscreen line in order to fit neatly.
5. Spitfire Mks 16/18/22/24.

All late model Spitfires and some Seafires used this canopy.
Suggested references: Aeroguide Classics No.1 (Mk.V); 'The Spitfire Story'; Scale Models - Aircraft of the Battle of Britain; 'Spitfire - Classic Aircraft and How to Model Them' (PSL); Spitfire In Action No.39 (Squadron/Signal).
6. Westland/Whirlwind Mk.1. Suggested kit: Airfix.

The sideview shows the canopy in the open position.
Suggested reference: Scale Models, Dec. 1978.
7. Typhoon/Tempest "bubble" canopy. Suggested kits: Airfix Typhoon, Frog Typhoon and Tempest, Heller Tempest, Matchbox Tempest.

The drawing shows the canopy in open position. Some kits will need modifications at the windscreen/fuselage join.
Suggested references: Typhoon and Tempest at War (Ian Allan); Scale Models Nov. 1975 (1/72 Typhoon plans); Scale Models Feb. 1973 (1/72 Tempest plans).
8. Boulton Paul Defiant. Suggested kit: Airfix.

The sideview shows the turret fairings in lowered position. For true accuracy the basic kit will need some drastic modifications.
Suggested references: Air Classics, May 1971; Scale Models, June 1980 (1/72 plans).
9. Typhoon "car door" canopy. Suggested kit: Airfix.

In order to locate the canopy, compare the right fuselage half with the drawing above, and trim the forward area to match the plan. Separate doors are provided for display in the open position.
10. De Havilland Mosquito. Suggested kit: Airfix FB Mk.VI.

This canopy was fitted to most fighter variants of the Mosquito. Note position of windscreen wiper.
Suggested reference: Mosquito at War (Ian Allan).
11. Hawker Hurricane. Suggested kits: Airfix Mk.I, Heller Mk.IIC.

The drawing shows the canopy in open position.
Suggested references:Aircraft of the Battle of Britain, Scale Models, October 1980; Hurricane at War (Ian Allan).
12. Bristol Beaufighter. Suggested kits: Matchbox Mk.X, Frog Mk.21.

The drawing shows the pilot's hatch open. Note that the rear canopy opens at the frameline indicated with an arrow in the drawing. Alternative main canopies are provided for the Matchbox and Frog kits. Alternative rear canopies are also provided.
Suggested references: Beaufighter at War (Ian Allan); Scale Models, May/July 1974.

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