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Clear-Vax set 3: World War II Fighters (1/48 scale)

1. P-47D "Malcolm hood". Suggested kit: Monogram P47D.

The drawing depicts the cockpit area of "Silver Lady" serial number 42-26044 coded HV-Z of 61 Fighter Squadron, 56 Fighter Group.
Suggested reference: A photo appears in Air Classic, Jan. 1973.
2. Bf 109F. Suggested kit: Airfix Bf109F.

This canopy is applicable to early F-series aircraft that lacked the bolted on armourglass windscreen of the F-4 onwards.
Suggested reference: Squadron Signal in Action No. 57.
3. Bf 109G "Erla Haube". Suggested kit: Otaki/Arii Bf 109G.

Note the attachment points for the pilot's head armour.
4. P-47D "Razorback" canopy. Suggested kit: Monogram P-47D.

The drawing shows the canopy in open position. Notice the "sit" of the rear section in relation to the fuselage.
Suggested reference: P-47 in Action No.67 (Squadron/Signal).
5. Spitfire PR IV. Suggested kit: Airfix Mk.V.

Some kitset modifications will be needed to build this version, including the deeper chin fairing, camera installation and removal of all guns. Some filling will be required at the windscreen/fuselage joint.
6. Fw 190 "blown" canopy. Suggested kits: Otaki Fw 190A-8, Monogram Fw 190A-5.

Some trimming of the lower windscreen will be needed to fit the Monogram kit. The fairing behind the head armour will need to be fabricated from scrap card.
Suggested references: Monogram Close-Ups No. 8 (Fw 190D) and 10 (Fw 190F).
7. P-51D "Dallas" canopy. Suggested kit: Monogram P-51D.

Cut the canopy runners, etc, off the kit rear section and fit to the Clear-Vax replacement.
Suggested reference: P-51 In Color (Squadron/Signal).
8. P-51D standard canopy.

As for canopy No.7.
9. F4U-1A/D Corsair. Suggested kit: Otaki/Arii F4/U-1A.

The drawing depicts the F4U-1A canopy. Note the extra frameline running along the top of the sliding section.
Suggested reference: Corsair In Color (Squadron/Signal).
10. Hawker Hurricane. Suggested kit: Airfix Mk.I.

The drawing shows the canopy in open position.
Suggested references: Hurricane at War (Ian Allan); Scale Models, Aircraft of the Battle of Britain.
11. Spitfire Mks V (late) /VI/VII/VIII/IX/XII/XIV/21. Suggested kit: Airfix Mk.V.

Some trimming will be required at the windscreen/fuselage join to fit other kitsets.
12. Spitfire prototype/early production canopy. Suggested kit: Revell Mk.II.

The sideview shows the prototype canopy in its original form. The scrap drawing shows the altered windscreen fitted later on the prototype and to the first few production Spitfires.
Suggested references: 'The Spitfire Story', Alfred Price (AAP); Spitfire - Classic Aircraft and How to Model Them (PSL); Spitfire in Action No.39 (Squadron/Signal).

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