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Clear-Vax set 7: US Navy, World War II, part 1 (1/48 scale)

1. Grumman F4F Wildcat. Suggested kit: Monogram F4F.

The drawing shows an F4F canopy fully open. The sill line on the kit will need to be straightened and the small lugs aft of the cockpit need cutting off. Suggested references: Aerodata International, US Navy Carrier Fighters of World War II (also includes F6F Hellcat); Detail & Scale Vol.30, F4F Wildcat.
2. Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat. Suggested kit: Otaki/Arii F6F-3.

Cut the rear windows from the kit part, fix them to fuselage halves, then fill them in and paint them over. Suggested reference: Squadron/Signal In Action No.36.
3. Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat. Suggested kit: Otaki/Arii F6F-3.

Use the kit rear windows (marked X on the drawing). Note the longer, forward-slanted aerial mast of early aircraft. The dotted line indicates the internal armoured glass.
4. Douglas SBD Dauntless. Suggested kit: Monogram SBD-3.

The drawing shows the gunner's section stowed and the .30 cal machine gun deployed. The dotted lines show the position of the internal armoured glass windscreen and telescopic sight. Note that the SBD-4 & 5 versions used a reflector gunsight. The Clear-Vax canopy parts are designed to overlap each other as on the full-sized aircraft. Suggested references: Aerodata International, U.S. Navy Carrier Bombers of World War II (also includes TBF & SB2C); Squadron/Signal In Action No.64.
5. Grumman TBF Avenger. Suggested kit: Monogram TBF.

Points to note on the main drawings are the hinged centre section and rear bulkhead. The pilot's sliding canopy overlaps the rear part and splits down the centre when slid back. The scrap drawing shows the underbelly gun position. Cut the kit piece off as indicated by the arrow and replace with the Clear-Vax item. To fit the dorsal turret, cut a 2 mm ring off the bottom of the kit turret and fit it to the Clear-Vax piece. It is not necessary to cut out the slot for the gun to traverse as this was normally filled by a canvas sheath. Simply drill a hole for the machine gun in the desired position and fit it after painting. Suggested reference: Aero Series Vol.21.
6. Vought OS2U Kingfisher. Suggested kit: Monogram OS2U.

The sideview shows the rear canopies in stowed position. Note the alternative ring and bead gun sight found on most pre-war machines. Suggested reference: Profile 251.
7. Curtiss SB2C Helldiver. Suggested kit: Monogram SB2C-4.

The drawing shows an SB2C-4 cockpit area with sliding canopies open and "turtleback" rear section down. The dotted line marked X indicates the position of the armourglass windscreen. In order to fit the windscreen, trim off the inaccurately moulded-on bottom lugs. The Clear-Vax pilot's sliding canopy has most of the frame lines deleted. This is to enable the clear section applicable to SB2C-5 to be modelled. The instrument panel coaming marked Y needs to be trimmed down to the size indicated. Note the angle of the gunner's sliding section when retracted. If this is to be modelled open, cut away the shaded area marked Z. If the "turtleback" is to be modelled in the up position, use the kit clear piece. For the down position, using the drawing as a guide to cut away this area. Score the Clear-Vax replacement gently along the horizontal lines and fold it in concertina fashion as indicated at h, then fit it in place. There are many other modifications necessary to model this kit accurately, but they fall beyond the scope of these notes. Suggested reference: Squadron/Signal In Action No.54.

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