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Clear-Vax set 15: Luftwaffe, part 3 (1/72 scale)

1. Messerschmitt Bf 109G. Suggested kits: Hasegawa Bf 109G-6, Heller Bf 109G-2/6.

No modifications are necessary if you are using the Hasegawa kit. For the Heller kit, carefully trim away the area shown shaded in the drawing.
Suggested references: Squadron/Signal In action No.57; Model Art No.290; Monogram Close-Up Nos 6, 7 & 16.
2. Messerschmitt Bf 109EG "Erla Haube". Suggested kits: Hasegawa Bf 109G, Heller Bf 109G and K.

Assembly is the same as for the Bf 109G canopy.
3. Heinkel He 162. Suggested kits: Dragon He 162, Frog He 162.

If you are using the Dragon kit, cut the lugs off the rear of the kit canopy and fit them to the rear of the Clear-Vax replacement.
Suggested references: Monogram Close-Up No.11; Aero Series No.4.
4. Dornier Do 217E/J/N. Suggested kits: Italeri Do 217K and Do 217N.

To build the Do 217E, fit the engines of the Do 217K to the wings and fuselage of the Do 217N. The only major change is the clear nose piece. Using the drawing as a guide, cut away the kit nose and fit the Clear-Vax nose piece in its place. Following this, fit the bombsight fairing marked X in place using the underside drawing as a guide to its position. Note that not all Do 217E aircraft used this item, and that there were variations in armament. To fit the side machine gun windows, carefully cut out the windows from the main canopy and fit the machine gun windows from the inside. The main, upper turret and lower turret canopies directly replace the kit items. The Do 217J also uses the Do 217K engines with the Do 217N wings and fuselage. Simply use the Clear-Vax main and turret canopies. Note that not all Do 217J and N aircraft retained the side machine gun positions.
Suggested references: Profile 261; Aviation News, Nov. 1990 (1/72 scale plans).
5. Junkers Ju 188. Suggested kit: Italeri Ju 188A/E.

To fit the nose canopy we suggest cutting the fuselage off at the line marked X, particularly if you are modelling a reconnaissance version (Ju 188D or F). These versions had extra glazing on the underside but weren't usually fitted with the bombsight window or forward MG151. For the Ju 188A and E versions, fit the kit bombsight window to the Clear-Vax nose piece. The top turret has been modified with the gun slot offset correctly to the right. To fit the lower rear gun position, cut through the kit fuselage at the lines marked X and Y, and replace with the Clear-Vax item.
Suggested references: Argus Specialist Publications Plan Pack No.2968; Warbirds Illustrated No.43 (AAP).
6&7. Heinkel He 219A-2 and Heinkel He 219A-7. Suggested kits: Dragon He 219A-2, He 219A-7.

The Clear-Vax canopies directly replace the kit items, including the rear fairings.
Suggested references: Profile 219; 'Warplanes of the Third Reich', by Green (McDonalds).
8. Messerschmitt Bf 110C/D/E. Suggested kits: Monogram Bf 110E, Fujimi Bf 110C/D.

The Clear-Vax canopy fits the monogram kit with no modifications necessary. If you are using the Fujimi kit, insert a wedge of 0.5 mm plasticard between the fuselage halves at the points aft of the pilot's seat and aft of the canopy rear. This is necessary as the kit fuselage is too narrow around the cockpit area. Some filler will be needed to build up the area behind the canopy also.
Suggested reference: Squadron/Signal In Action No.30; 'Messerschmitt Bf 110 at War' (Ian Allen).
9. Junkers Ju 88C/G. Suggested kits: Revell Ju 88C, Italeri Ju 188.

For the Ju 88C, following the canopy sill line, cut the top of the nose off the kit fuselage and fit the Clear-Vax canopy in place. The Ju 88G is a major conversion using the Italeri Ju 188 with additional parts from the Revell Ju 88C. Cut the nose off the Ju 188 at the lines marked X and Y and replace it with the nose of the Ju 88C, minus its gondola. Then fit the Clear-Vax canopy in place. Use the Ju 88C outer wing panels, and scratchbuild the underbelly cannon housing.
Suggested reference: Squadron/Signal In Action No.113, Ju 88 part 2.
10. Henschel Hs 126. Suggested kit: Italeri Hs 126.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replace the kit item. No modifications are necessary.
Suggested references: Squadron/Signal In Action No.2; Aviation News, Sep 1987 (1/72 scale plans).

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