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Clear-Vax set 17: RAF, World War II, part 3 (1/72 scale)

1. Handley Page Halifax Mk.I/II. Suggested kit: Matchbox Halifax B I/II

The kit nose pieces (parts 2+3, 8+9) are 2.5 mm too long. Cut 2.5 mm from the rear of the nose pieces as shown shaded in the drawing, then fit them to the fuselage. In order to fit the Clear-Vax pilot's canopy, cut the kit fuselage away at the lines marked X, Y and Z. Backfill the inside of the shaded area on the starboard side with modelling putty; then after fitting the canopy, sand this area to match the corrected section of the canopy. The small window marked A should be repositioned as shown. The kit floor and instrument panel will need to be altered to match the shortened nose. If you are building the version with a nose turret, note that we have supplied both the front and rear of the turret, and the rear piece has been widened to suit the nose section. Thin down the insides of the nose piece for a neat fit. If you are fitting the later nose cap, no modifications are necessary. Both the Boulton Paul "A" four-gun turret and the "C" two-gun turret are supplied. For the "A" version, cut the top section from the kit turret and replace it with the Clear-Vax item. The "C" version simply sits on the lugs inside the fuselage. The rear turret directly replaces the kit items.
2. Handley Page Halifax Mk.III. Suggested kits: Airfix Halifax B III.

In order to fit the main canopy, cut the kit fuselage away at the lines marked X, Y and Z. Note that the line Z is 2 mm in front of the windscreen, and that line Y on the starboard side follows the kit panel line and not the sill line. The remaining canopies fit as on the B.II version.
Suggested references: Aerodata International No.7 (very good 1/72 plans of Merlin engined variants); Squadron/Signal In action No.66; 'Halifax Second to None' (Airlife).
3. De Havilland Mosquito B XIV, PR XVI. Suggested kit: Matchbox B IX.

The Clear-Vax canopies directly replace the kit parts. Use the small nose windows from the kit. Some modification to the basic kit is required, depending on the version to be modelled.
Suggested reference: Squadron/Signal In Action No.127.
4. Gloster Gladiator. Suggested kit: Heller Gladiator.

The drawing shows the canopy in the open position. The pilot's sliding section is designed to overlap the fixed rear piece.
Suggested references: Profile 98; Scale Aircraft Modelling, May 1981; Scale Models, Jan. 1981.
5. Short Stirling. Suggested kit: Airfix Stirling I/III.

The Clear-Vax nose turret, bomb aimer's window and pilot's canopy directly replace the kit items. For better accuracy and fit of the nose turret, fill in the shaded areas on the fuselage with modelling putty. The mid-upper turrets, tail turret, astrodome and wing landing-light cover fit in the same way as the kit items.
Suggested references: Squadron/Signal In Action No.96; Scale Aircraft Modelling, Aug. 1987.

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