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Clear-Vax set 29: Luftwaffe, part 6 (1/72 scale)

1. Arado Ar 96. Suggested kit: Heller Ar 96B.

The Clear-Vax canopy is sectioned for display in the open position, and directly replaces the kit part.
2. Arado Ar 234B. Suggested kit: Dragon Ar 234B.

In order to fit the Clear-Vax canopy first fit the small clear kit parts I4 and I5 to the fuselage. Note that all the framing is internal. (Good luck.)
Suggested references: Ar 234 Blitz, by Smith & Creek (Monogram); AeroDetail 16; Model Art No.348.
3. Blohm und Voss Bv 138. Suggested kit: Supermodel Bv 138.

The Clear-Vax main canopy directly replaces the kit item. Cut the bases from the kit turrets 4 mm from the bottoms and fit the Clear-Vax turrets on top. Drill a hole in the turrets' gun traverse slots to accept the cannon barrels.
Suggested references: Warplanes of the Third Reich, by Green (McDonalds); Squadron/Signal No.1, Luftwaffe in Action.
4. Dornier Do 18. Suggested kit: Matchbox/Revell Do 18.

The Clear-Vax main and early style mid upper turret canopies directly replace the kit parts. If using the MG 151 turret as per figure 4A, first cut out and fit the fairing directly over the cutout in the fuselage. The turret mechanism is the same as those used on the Bv 138, Do 24, Fw 200 and others. Either build the mechanism from scratch or borrow the interior from one of the aforementioned kits.
Suggested reference: Scale Aircraft Modelling, Feb 1985 (excellent article on building the Matchbox kit plus internal drawings and plans).
5. Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (standard canopy). Suggested kit: Revell Fw 190A-8.

The Clear-Vax canopy is sectioned for display in the open position. Carefully cut the rear canopy fairing away from the kit fuselage, fit the kit armour plate (part A4) to the Clear-Vax rear and then fit the canopy in place on the fuselage.
Suggested references: AeroDetail 6; Model Art No.316; Squadron/Signal In Action No.19.
6. Focke-Wulf Fw 190 ("blown" canopy). Suggested kit: Revell Fw 190A-8.

Assembly is as above, apart from the solid fairing behind the armour plate, which will need to be fabricated from scrap plastic.
7. Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8 ("Rammjäger" canopy). Suggested kit: Hasegawa Fw 190A-8.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit item. Note: shown shaded on the drawing is the extra armour plate that needs to be added to the kit fuselage.
8. Junkers Ju 88A-5. Suggested kits: Italeri Ju 88A-4.

The Clear-Vax main canopy, nose cap and gondola rear directly replace the kit parts. Use the kit nose underside (part 12C) and gondola front (part 65C). The major alteration needed to the kit is removal of the bulges on the undersides of the cowlings as in the drawing above. We suggest backfilling the inside of the cowlings with modelling epoxy prior to reshaping. Note that these canopies cover the early series Ju 88A-5 aircraft and that some Ju 88A-1 aircraft were also fitted with this type.
Suggested references: AeroDetail 20; Squadron/Signal In Action No.85; Aerodata International No.9; Replic Nos 13 and 80.
9. Messerschmitt Bf 109B-1 (early canopy). Suggested kit: Heller Bf 109B.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit item. Note the steep slope of the windscreen compared to later versions. This canopy was fitted to most early Bf 109B-1 aircraft fitted with the wooden propeller.
Suggested reference: Model Art No.375.
10. Messerschmitt Me 210. Suggested kit: Italeri Me 210A-1.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit item. Use the kit nose glass (parts 33C and 34C). The dotted lines on the drawing show the position of the internal framing.
Suggested references: Squadron/Signal In Action No.147; Replic Nos 63 and 79.
11. Messerschmitt Me 323E. Suggested kit: Italeri Me 323D.

The Clear-Vax main canopy represents that fitted to the Me 323E series. Some Me 323D aircraft were retrofitted with this canopy also. The rear of this canopy was in two configurations as noted on figure 11. Drawing A has Y-shaped framing, drawing B is solid with a clear sighting window. It is your choice which type is suitable for your model. Also supplied are the wing-mounted turrets as fitted to the Me 323E-2. Drawing 11C shows the position they should be fitted on to part 60. The turrets are identical to those fitted to Ju 188A-2 aircraft. Reference to the Italeri Ju 188 may help as a source for the interior of these turrets. The Me 323E series aircraft also had altered waist and nose gun positions. Consult your references carefully.
Suggested references: 'Messerschmitt 321/323', by Dabrowski (Schiffer); Squadron/Signal No.8, Luftwaffe In Action part 4.
12. Messerschmitt Me 410. Suggested kit: Hasegawa/Fine Molds Me 410.
Assembly is as for No.10, using kit part 1 in concert with the Clear-Vax canopy.

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