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Clear-Vax set 30: US Aircraft in Foreign Service (1/72 scale)

1. Lockheed Ventura II. Suggested kit: Academy/Minicraft Ventura II (kit 2105).

Use the kit nose transparency and side windows. In order to fit the pilot's canopy, cut away the kit forward decking at the line marked X. To fit the lower gun position, cut away the kit fuselage at the line marked Y. To fit the Boulton-Paul mid-upper turret, cut the base from the Clear-Vax parts and fit directly on to part A18.
Suggested reference: Ventura In Action No.48 (Squadron/Signal).
2. Lockheed Hudson. Suggested kit: Airfix Hudson I.

Due to inaccuracies in size, shape and position of the nose windows, it has been necessary to provide this entire area. Cut the kit nose from the fuselage at the line marked X. Using the scrap drawing as a guide, fit thin strips of plasticard to the fuselage to aid alignments and strengthen the joins. The Clear-Vax nose pieces have been designed to minimise thinning of the plastic and the join lines are in areas that can be filled and sanded without damaging the clear areas. The pilot's canopy and astrodome directly replace the kit parts. The mid-upper turret fits as shown in the drawing. Cut away the fuselage for correct fit. The dotted line shows the kit outline. Two important alterations to the kit fuselage are also indicated, namely the correct-sized bomb doors and the elevator fairing. On the real aircraft the elevator is a one-piece unit; accordingly the inner break lines need to be filled and a new elevator hinge line scribed between. Use the kit side windows.
Suggested references: Scale Aircraft Modelling, May 1991; Airpower, May 1994; Air International, November 1985.
3. Martin Maryland. Suggested kit: Frog/Novo Maryland.

The Clear-Vax nose, pilot's, mid-upper and lower canopies directly replace the kit items.
Suggested references: Aero Journal No.8 (Aug 1999) & No.9 (Oct 1999); Aviation News Plan 13/19; 'Martin Aircraft 1909-1960' Narkiewicz/Thompson (also a good reference for B-10 and Baltimore).
4. Martin Baltimore. Suggested kit: Frog/Novo Baltimore III.

The Clear-Vax nose transparencies directly replace the kit part. The kit pilot's canopy is very undersized; in order to fit the Clear-Vax replacement, place the kit fuselage on the drawing and cut away the area between lines A and B (line B is 1.5 mm below the horizontal fuselage panel line as shown). Three alternative rear gun positions are provided. To fit the early open position, cut away the area between lines C and D. Backfill the inside of the shaded area and sand the fuselage flush. A Vickers 'K' gun will need to be borrowed from another kit. The Boulton-Paul 4-gun turret and Martin twin .50 turret directly replace the kit item. Suitable guns for the former can be taken from a Halifax or Defiant kit. Use the kit side and lower windows.
Suggested references: Aviation News Plan 14/5; Aeroplane Monthly, February 1977.
5. North American T-6A/D Texan. Suggested kits: Academy or Heller T-6G.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit parts. Some detail changes to the kit are necessary for the T-6 A-D series; check your references carefully.
Suggested references: T-6 Texan In Action (Squadron/Signal); 'Harvard' by Fletcher & McPhail (DF Flying Books); Replic 36 & 76.
6. North American T-6G Texan. Suggested kits: Academy or Heller T-6G.

The Clear-Vax canopy is sectioned for display in the open position.
7. North American Harvard II. Suggested kits: Academy or Heller T-6G.

In order to fit the Clear-Vax canopy, cut away the kit fuselage at the lines marked X and Y. There are numerous detail differences between the T-6G and Harvard II. Careful scrutiny of your references will pay dividends.
8. Martin B-10. Suggested kit: Williams Bros B-10B.

The Clear-Vax pilot's and dorsal canopies directly replace the kit items. The drawing shows these canopies in the open position. Use the kit nose turret and small windows.
Suggested references: Air Enthusiast Quarterly No.22; Air Classics Annual 1966. (We do intend producing canopies for the Martin 166 (WH-3), but lack information in certain detail areas - any help would be appreciated.)
9. Vultee Vengeance. Suggested kit: Frog/Novo Vengeance.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit item.
Suggested reference: 'Vengeance' by Peter C Smith (Airlife).

Special thanks to David Money and Peter Dingwall for their help with research material.

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