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Clear-Vax set 35: Luftwaffe, part 3 (1/48 scale)

1. Messerschmitt Bf 110G-2 & G-4. Suggested kits: Monogram Bf 110G-2 & G-4.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit item. No holes are marked for the 'Schragemuzik' cannons, as they were not always fitted. Also, some aircraft had them fitted one panel further forward - consult your references before deciding which configuration is suitable.
Suggested references: Monogram Close-up 18 'Bf 110G'; Model Art No.480 'Luftwaffe Night Fighters'; Aerodetail 21.
2. Heinkel He 178. Suggested kit: Condor He 178.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit item. Note how the cross section has been altered for better accuracy.
Suggested reference: Model Art No.348 'German Jets in WWII'.
3. Junkers Ju 88G. Suggested kit: Dragon Ju 88G.

In order to make assembly a little easier, the rear fairing is included as part of the moulding.
Suggested references: Squadron/Signal In Action 113; Aerodetail 20.
4. Junkers Ju 88A-1/A-5 early. Suggested kit: Revell/Monogram ProModeler Ju 88A-4.
The Clear-Vax main canopy and gondola rear directly replace the kit items. Use the kit nose canopy, forward gondola and nose lower windows. In order to complete this conversion the engines will need to be modified by removing the fairings from the lower cowlings (shown dotted in diagram 4A). For the A-1, the wingtips will need to be shortened as in diagram 4B.
5. Dornier Do 17E. Suggested kit: Hobbycraft Do 17E/F.
In order to fit these canopies, carefully cut away the kit fuselage at the lines marked X, Y and Z (line Y is 1 mm below the kit sill line, which is shown dotted). This is necessary because the kit canopies lack depth, and the forward decking has to be altered to accept the corrected nose canopy. Although falling outside the scope of these parts, it is necessary to mention a serious problem with the fuselage shape. Referring to the small diagram (kit fuselage shown dotted), fix the upper fuselage half to a flat surface, cut wedges out of the bottom half at the front and rear wing joins, and reassemble. Some filling and reshaping will be needed, but this operation will result in a "flying pencil" rather than a "flying banana".
Suggested references: 'The Flying Pencil' (Schiffer Military History, vol 25).
6 & 7. Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3. Suggested kits: Hasegawa Bf 109E-3, Tamiya Bf 109E-3.

These canopies directly replace the kit items and are intended for display in the open position. Note that some of the framing of the rear section is internal. The canopy for the Hasegawa kit is marked 6, the canopy for the Tamiya kit is marked 7.
Suggested references: Aerodetail 1; Squadron/Signal In Action 44; Model Art No.375.
8. Heinkel He 162. Suggested kit: Trimaster/Dragon He 162.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit part. If you build the canopy in the open position, we suggest that for better scale accuracy you fabricate rear hinges from wire, and fill in the corresponding area in the kit fuselage.
Suggested references: Monogram Close-up 11; Model Art No.348 'German Jets in WWII'; Aero 4.

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