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Clear-Vax set 38: Luftwaffe, part 4 (1/48 scale)

1. Heinkel He 111 variants. Suggested kits: Monogram He 111H-4; ProModeler He 111H-22.

1a. Early style gondola front transparency. This was fitted to some He 111H-1/H-2/H-3/H-4/P-1/P-2/P-4/P-6 aircraft in conjunction with the kit gondola rear transparency. If fitting this piece, cut away the inside area from the kit fuselage.

1b. Later style gondola front transparency. This was fitted to some He 111H-3/H-4/H-5/H-6/H-8 aircraft, usually in conjunction with part 1c. It was also fitted to some He 111H-10/H-11/H-16/H-18/H-20/H-21/H-22 aircraft, always in conjunction with part 1d. Fitting is as for part 1a.

1c. Second style gondola rear transparency. Fitted to some He 111H-3 and H-4 aircraft and all H-6 and H-8 aircraft.
1d. Late gondola rear transparency. Fitted to all He 111H-10/H-11/H-16/H-18/H-20/H-21/H-22 aircraft.

1e. Mid-production dorsal turret. This was retro-fitted to some He 111H-1/H-3/H-4/P-1/P-2/P-4 aircraft. It was standard on He 111H-5/H-6/H-8/H-12/H-15 aircraft.
1f. Armoured dorsal turret. Fitted to all He 111H-10/H-11/H-16/H-18 aircraft.
1g. Nose cap. Fitted to late He 111H-6 and all subsequent He 111H variants.
1h. Later style main upper canopy with increased glazing. Fitted to all He 111H-10 and later He 111 variants. Some careful surgery is required to cut away the kit lower nose glazing to fit the Clear-Vax upper and nose cap. On the right side the kit part needs trimming to straighten the join line (kit line shown dotted on diagram). Cut out the upper hatch cavity and fit part 1j (the upper hatch) open or closed.
It is suggested that careful study be made of the particular aircraft you wish to model, as there were many variations of turrets and armament throughout the He 111 series. Good luck! Suggested reference: Aero Detail 18; Aerodata International No.12; 'He 111', AJ Press, Poland; 'Heinkel He 111: A Documentary History', Nowarra (Janes).
2. Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8 Rammjäger canopy. Suggested kits: Dragon Fw 190A-8; Tamiya Fw 190F-8.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit item. If it is intended to display the canopy open, we suggest using the kit windscreen, as it is closer to scale thickness, remembering to add the extra framing to the sides. The additional armour plate (shown shaded in the diagram) is best cut from 0.005" plasticard and glued in place.
Suggested references: Aero Detail 6; Model Art No.316; Fw 190 In Action No.170 (Squadron/Signal).
3. Messerschmitt Bf 109B-1. Suggested kit: Hobbycraft Bf 109B.

The Clear-Vax main canopy directly replaces the kit item. Note the shallow slope of the windscreen compared to later versions. This canopy was fitted to some prototypes and most early Bf 109B-1 aircraft with the wooden propeller.
Suggested references: Model Art No.375; Messerschmitt 109 In Action part 1 No.44 (Squadron/Signal); 'The Legion Condor', Ries/Ring (Schiffer).
4. Junkers Ju 88S/T. Suggested kit: Revell Ju 88A-4.

To build this conversion, either BMW 801D or Jumo 213A engines and propellers have to be borrowed from the Dragon Ju 88G-1/G-10 kit (the Ju 88S-1 and T-1 used BMWs, the Ju 88S-3 and T-3 used Jumos). The Clear-Vax parts directly replace the kit items. Also included is the bombsight fairing fitted to most Ju 88S aircraft.
Suggested references: Junkers 88 In Action part 1 No.85 (Squadron/Signal); Aero Detail No.20.
5. Messerschmitt Me 163B. Suggested kit: Trimaster/Dragon Me 163B.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit item. Use the kit rear windows.
Suggested references: Aero Detail No.10; Model Art No.348.

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