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Clear-Vax set No.50: Messerschmitt Bf 109 Special (1/48 scale)

1. Bf 109V3. Suggested kit: Suggested kit: Hobbycraft Bf 109B.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit item. Some modifications are necessary to the kit nose and propeller.
2. Bf 109V13 record breaker. Suggested kit: Tamiya Bf 109E-3.

The Clear-Vax canopy directly replaces the kit items. The drawing shows the nose and cockpit of the Bf 109V13 in record-breaker condition. The kit nose will need to be altered to this configuration and the wing armament removed. Also, all panel lines need to be filled.
3. Bf 109 prototype and early production B. Suggested kit: Hobbycraft Bf 109B-1.

Note the more acute angle of the windscreen compared with the later type, which also had an opening panel on the left side.
4. Bf 109B/C/D. Suggested kits: Hobbycraft Bf 109B/C & D & E.

This canopy is sectioned for display in the open position. Note that some of the framing of the rear section is internal.
5. Bf 109E-1/3. Suggested kit: Hasegawa Bf 109E.
6. Bf 109E-1/3. Suggested kit: Tamiya Bf 109E.

Assembly is as for canopy 4.
7. Bf 109E-4/7. Suggested kit: Hasegawa Bf 109E.
8. Bf 109E-4/7. Suggested kit: Tamiya Bf 109E.

Assembly is as for canopy 4.
8a. Peil IVG direction-finder cover.

The drawing shows the cover as fitted to the lower rear fuselage of a Bf 109E-7. Bf 109E aircraft known to be fitted with the Peil IVG were G9+JV and G9+GV of 10.NJG1, White 12 of 1.JG27, wnr 5057 of I.(J)LG2.
9. Bf 109F bulged canopy. Suggested kit: Hasegawa Bf 109F-4.

This canopy was fitted to most Mistel I Bf 109Fs. These were hybrid aircraft that were Bf 109Fs fitted with Bf 109G cowlings and possibly DB 605A engines. Some were fitted with armour-glass windscreens. Reference 12 below will be useful for detailed coverage of the various modifications.
10. Bf 109 "Erla" canopy. Suggested kits: Hasegawa Bf 109G & K.

The rear section only is supplied, as the kit windscreens are clear and of scale thickness. Note on the drawing the extra details that need to be added to the inside of the canopy.
11. Avia S-199. Suggested kit: Hobbycraft S-199.

Note the position of the canopy rear when fully slid back. Canopy rails will need to be added to the top of cockpit sills. Cut away the kit fuselage at the lines marked with arrows on the drawing to fit the Clear-Vax canopy.
12. Avia CS-199 two-seat canopy. Suggested kit: Hobbycraft S-199.

Using the lines marked with arrows as a guide, carefully cut away the upper rear decking and replace with the Clear-Vax canopy. The interior will need to be rebuilt from scratch. Reference 13 will prove very useful.
13. Bf 109 G-6/N, FuG350 Naxos Z fairing. Suggested kit: Hasegawa Bf 109G-6.

The drawing shows the fairing as fitted to the Bf 109G-6 fuselage. Some detail will need to be made and fitted into the fairing.


The following titles are recommended:

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  2. Messerschmitt Bf 109B–E, Model Art No.375.
  3. Messerschmitt Bf 109E, Aero Detail 1.
  4. German Aircraft Interiors vol.1, by Merrick (Monogram Aviation Publications).
  5. Messerschmitt Bf 109F, Model Art No.408.
  6. Messerschmitt Bf 109 In Action No.44 (Squadron/Signal).
  7. Messerschmitt Bf 109 In Action No.57 (Squadron/Signal).
  8. Monogram Close-ups 6, 7 & 16.
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